You could get in big trouble for throwing these items in trash

Hazardous waste: Materials like batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, and electronics contain hazardous substances that can harm the environment if not disposed of properly.

Medical waste: Items like needles, syringes, and medications can pose health risks and should be disposed of safely to prevent contamination and harm to others.

Confidential documents: Discarding documents containing sensitive personal or financial information without properly shredding them could lead to identity theft or privacy breaches.

Chemicals: Household chemicals like paint, cleaning products, and pesticides can be harmful if they leach into the environment through improper disposal.

Electronics: Electronic devices like computers, phones, and televisions contain valuable materials that can be recycled, and improper disposal may result in environmental pollution.

Large appliances: Appliances like refrigerators, washers, and dryers may contain hazardous materials and should be disposed of properly to comply with environmental regulations.

Flammable materials: Items like gasoline, propane tanks, and aerosol cans can pose fire hazards if not disposed of safely.

Biological waste: Items like animal carcasses, animal waste, and medical specimens should be disposed of properly to prevent contamination and health risks.