The Ultimate Signs To Tell Fake Friends From Real Friends

They’re often envious of you

A major red flag with friends is if you notice envious and jealous vibes. Chances are your fake friend would take that jealousy and use it against you any chance they get.

They have an air of negativity

If this is the case, then it's a sure sign of a fake friend. Good friends always amp you up!

They talk about others behind their backs

If they always seem to be gossiping about another friend to you, chances are they're doing the same behind your back.

They cancel plans often

This one is a big sign of a fake friend that you probably don't notice. Basically, you're not a priority to them.

They are experts at guilt tripping

Sure, they cancel plans all of the time, but as soon as you do the same, World War III erupts.

They´ll always try to be better than you

A fake friend will always try to drag you down to make themselves look better. They can't stand the idea that you’re succeeding at something.

They make you feel inferior

Fake friends are often very insecure people. They need to be superior, so they may try to make you feel bad about yourself.

They're often passive-aggressive

A fake friend will give you backhanded compliments that seem nice at first, nut they're actually just mean. Stay attentive!

They love a spot of drama

A fake friend will thrive off drama. It may seem like they're always in some sort of conflict with someone, and that’s because they actually are.

They think they're always right

They'll never admit that they're in the wrong. Plus, they'll constantly look for other people to blame for their bad behavior.

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