The Top 5 Smells Attracting Moles to Your Yard

Grubs: Moles are attracted to the scent of grubs, which are a primary food source for them.

Earthworms: The smell of earthworms in the soil can lure moles to dig in your yard in search of food.

Decaying Organic Matter: Decomposing organic matter emits odors that may attract moles as they search for insects and larvae.

Mole Cricket Pheromones: Pheromones released by mole crickets can attract moles to areas where these insects are present.

Freshly Turned Soil: Moles are drawn to areas with freshly turned soil, as it may indicate the presence of insects closer to the surface.

Mulch: The scent of organic mulch can attract moles, especially if it contains decomposing plant material that harbors insects.

Fertilizer: Some fertilizers emit odors that moles find attractive, particularly those that contain organic components.

Compost: The smell of decomposing organic matter in compost piles can attract moles searching for food.