8 The Best Vodka for a Martini 

Belvedere Vodka 

A Polish vodka with a smooth, clean profile, ideal for a classic martini. 

Grey Goose 

French vodka known for its exceptional quality, bringing a subtle sweetness to martinis. 

Ketel One 

Dutch vodka prized for its crispness, enhancing the refreshing character of a martini. 

Tito's Handmade Vodka 

American-made, Tito's delivers a smooth and versatile base for martinis. 

Chopin Potato Vodka 

Polish potato vodka, adding a creamy texture and depth to martinis. 

Absolut Elyx 

Crafted in Sweden, Elyx boasts a silky texture, perfect for a luxurious martini experience. 

Stolichnaya Elit 

Russian vodka with a velvety texture, bringing elegance to a martini. 

Made from grapes, Cîroc offers a unique twist, adding fruity notes to martini cocktails. 

Cîroc Vodka 

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