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The Best Hairstyle For You According to Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Classic pixie

If you are an Aries and have always fancied a drastic cut, go for it! The classic pixie cut is sleek and offers a strong statement to match your fiery character.

Leo : 90's supermodel hair 

A fantastic look for Leos is that 90's supermodel-style hair. Those long, luscious waves will have you feeling glamorous and be just that statement you want to make.

Sagittarius : Modern mullet 

If you are a Sagittarius and you're looking to switch things up, why not go for a modern mullet? It's edgy but stylish, and it's easy to take care of on the move.

Gemini : Fresh blowout

Geminis are also prone to changing their minds quickly, so a fresh blowout is great because it's not permanent. Why not ask for one next time you're in the salon?

Libra : Sweet and wispy fringe

Libras need a hairstyle that is stylish but practical. A wavy cut with playful bangs is great: it is effortlessly stylish and not too much of a commitment.

Aquarius : Edgy undercut

An undercut has the added benefit of allowing the hairdresser to shave whatever pattern or shape you like into the hair. That way you really can personalize your cut.

Cancer : Romantic waves

A solid option is classic Old Hollywood-style waves. This look is effortless and oozes class; it is the perfect match for a Cancer's girl next door personality.

Scorpio : Pop of color

If you are a Scorpio, you might want to go for a radical short cut. But the most Scorpio style of them all is a pop of bright color. A definite way to turn those heads!

Pisces : Shaggy shoulder cut

If you are a Pisces and you're feeling like it's time to switch things up, you could ask for a shaggy shoulder cut. It is both flattering and fun - a winning combination.

Taurus : French bob

The French bob is great because it never goes out of style. It is pretty much effortless, too, which goes a long way with our Taurus friends.

Virgo : Collarbone cut

Of course, sensible doesn't have to mean boring. A collarbone cut is a great way to show you are stylish but mean business.

Capricorn : Long retro waves

This classic style is great because it is super flexible: it looks great in both the board room and on a night out.

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