The 8 Best Oblique Exercises for a Shredded Core 

Mountain Climbers with Rotation 

Add a twist to mountain climbers, bringing knee to opposite elbow for enhanced oblique engagement. 

Medicine Ball Slams 

Forceful slams target the entire core, including obliques, for a powerful workout. 

Oblique V-Ups 

Combine leg lifts with a side crunch, reaching towards lifted legs for an intensified oblique exercise. 

Hanging Oblique Knee Raises 

Hanging from a bar, lift knees to the side to target obliques and improve grip strength. 

Reverse Crunches 

Lift hips off the ground, targeting lower and side abdominals for a well-rounded core workout. 

Seated Russian Twists with Weight 

Sit on the ground, holding a weight, and twist side to side for added resistance. 

Spiderman Plank 

Bring knees to the sides during a plank, engaging obliques and adding a dynamic element. 

Use cable resistance for controlled torso twists, isolating oblique muscles effectively. 

Torso Twist on Cable Machine 

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