The 8 Best Exercises to Lose Your Love Handles 

Russian Twists 

Target obliques with seated twists using a medicine ball or bodyweight. 

Bicycle Crunches 

Engage core muscles by bringing opposite elbow to knee in a cycling motion. 

Side Planks 

Strengthen obliques with a side plank, holding the position for balance. 

Mountain Climbers 

Elevate heart rate while engaging core with this dynamic exercise. 

Wood Choppers 

Use resistance or cables to simulate a chopping motion, working obliques. 

Plank Hip Dips 

From a plank position, dip hips to each side to engage oblique muscles. 

Leg Raises 

Target lower abs with controlled leg lifts while lying on your back. 

Combine twisting motion with leg raises for a comprehensive core workout. 

Russian Twists with Leg Raises 

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