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The 10 Worst Celebrities to Wait On, According To Restaurant Insider

Some reports suggest that Kanye West has been demanding and particular when it comes to his restaurant experiences.

Kanye West

Mariah Carey has been known for her specific requests and high-maintenance behavior in restaurants, according to some reports.

Mariah Carey

There have been reports of Justin Bieber being rude or dismissive towards restaurant staff, although he has also shown moments of kindness.

Justin Bieber

 Reports suggest that Gwyneth Paltrow can be particular about her food preferences and has made specific demands when dining out.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Madonna has been reported to have had instances of impatience and making special requests that can be challenging for restaurant staff.


There have been reports of Jeremy Piven being demanding and displaying entitled behavior in restaurants.

Jeremy Piven

Some reports suggest that Britney Spears has been known for leaving messy tables and making unusual requests while dining out.

Britney Spears

Lindsay Lohan has faced reports of being demanding, indecisive, and occasionally causing disruptions in restaurant settings.

Lindsay Lohan