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10 Rice Recipes You Have Likely Never Tried

Vermicelli Rice 


This Armenian vermicelli rice meal can be made with pantry goods. Butter-browned rice and pasta boil in chicken stock for 15 minutes. Trying Armenia has never been easier!

Coconut Milk Rice with Red Beans from Belize 


Belizean Coconut Milk Rice and Red Beans are delicious! Coconut milk is used to cook the rice, giving it a deep coconut taste.

Thai Crispy Rice 


Thai Crispy Rice is irresistible. For a crunchy, flavorful fried rice, let the rice crisp on the pan.

Pineapple Fried Rice 


Pineapple rice include carrots, bacon, cashews, and crushed pineapple. This recipe is excellent for a 20-minute dinner. Serve in a fresh pineapple.

Cheesy Lemon-Caper Rice 


Depending on what's in season and in your cupboard, this cheesy lemon-caper rice is easy to create and adapt.

Taco Rice 


Taco rice is a tasty side dish or filling for burritos, bowls, and more. Corn, cilantro, and fresh lime juice flavor this rice. It's quick and easy to make!

Creamy Rice


This creamy rice is everything but ordinary! Butter and chicken stock make it the finest rice ever.

Fat Rice from Burkina Faso 


Burkina Faso's Fat Rice is simple! Blend tomatoes, onions, and habanero peppers to produce fat rice. It's delicious with chicken thighs!

Baked Green Rice  


Garlic, fresh herbs, and lime flavor green rice. A tasty Mexican or Tex Mex side dish results. This oven-baked version cooks hands-free while you prepare the rest of your meal.

Fast and Easy Cauliflower Fried Rice 


Cauliflower "Rice" is low carb, paleo, and gluten-free. Cauliflower rice is light and absorbs the sauce's taste. Use any vegetables in this simple weeknight recipe.

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