Our Favorites from Over 5 Cans of Tinned Fish

Many companies that provide quality tinned seafood and conservas use wild-caught fishing and sustainable processing.

Patagonia Supplies 

Patagonia Provisions, a climate change-fighting outdoor gear brand, sells exquisite preserved seafood in F&W


Ocean's canned fish, including innovative tastes like jalapeño-infused mackerel and Mediterranean sardines, topped our list.

Minnow World

Minnow, founded by the team behind Hart's, Cervo's, and The Fly in New York City, sources tinned fish from canneries worldwide.

Taylor Shellfish Farms

Taylor seafood Farms smokes albacore tuna, octopus, habanero, and lemon pepper seafood.


This women-founded and run company has vibrant, snappy packaging that matches its tantalizing flavors.

Donostia Foods

Our crew loved their soft octopus in olive oil, which tasted salty like the ocean.

Tiny Fish Co. 

The smoked mussels in escabeche sauce with savory paprika were also delicious.

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