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Never Do These in a Restaurant

Disturb Other Diner

Be mindful of others when dining out. Don't shout, swear, or disturb others. Avoid texting and calling at the table. 

Attempt to Bring in a Lap Dog

Check before you go—most restaurants don't allow pets. Follow pet policies even if the establishment allows them. To avoid distracting other diners, keep pets in carriers.

Leave a Poor Tip

Tipping expresses gratitude for service. Tip 15-20% of the bill. Inconsiderate servers leave small tips. Kindly tip.

Ignore Dress Code

Most restaurants have a dress code, either for hygiene or brand identity. At upmarket restaurants, formal or semi-formal attire is required.

Bring Your Food and Drinks From Home

In restaurants, bringing your own food and drinks is impolite. If you're only there for the atmosphere, buy something from the restaurant.

Be Rude to the Staff

The crew strives to make guests happy. If you lose, don't blame them. Don't forget that servers, bartenders, and other staff employees are people.

Try to Negotiate Price

Avoid haggling with your server when dining out. Despite your pleading, most restaurants' prices are set. Stick to budget-friendly menu choices.

Leave Without Paying Your Bill

Unpaid restaurant bills are theft. This can result in eviction and legal issues. Pay before leaving the restaurant.

Take Photos at a Restaurant

It's intrusive to take pictures of your food or the restaurant. It's also distracting. Ask for permission before taking pictures of your meal or the setting.

Insisting on a Particular Seat

Understand that the restaurant may not accommodate your seating preferences while dining alone or with a large party. Honor their system.

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