Love Horoscope For December 11


The Mercury trine Venus transit may help you to bring up an important conversation about financial assets with a partner.  


The Mercury trine Venus transit can have you wondering if a relationship is in your best interest. 


During the Mercury trine Venus transit do things that move your body that also can stimulate your mind. 


One little change in your environment can set the tone for a romantic evening with your partner. 


The Mercury trine Venus transit is an inviting energy that allows you to use words in creatively expressive ways.  


A bonus check or some sort of extra money can come your way, and it's the perfect time to treat you and your partner to a couple's massage  


You may find that you're ready to take a leap of faith and find a place to invest your money into. 

This could be related to a relationship or just a circumstance that hinders your ability to enjoy the love that you want in your life.  


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