How Chefs Celebrate Holidays

A Cajun Christmas with Paul Prudhomme

“I'm an Opelousas Cajun and the youngest of 13. Holiday dinners are a family affair with 25–100 brothers, sisters, and children.

 A Bert Greene Thumb Rule

"I call party food 'hoof food,' since it's usually eaten vertically with a dish at arm's length and a napkin in the nearest breast pocket.

Long-Haul Holiday for Peter W. Prestcott

A lengthy hot bath, dressing, and mixing a dry Martini in preparation of the evening must be allowed.

 Julia Child Celebrates Season

I usually take one small spoonful, but Christmas calls for two. I may retain the rest for myself and complete it two days before New Year."

Larry Forgione Thinks Your Goose Is Cooked

"American food has evolved from hot dogs and hamburgers to its richness. I tried to cook with the wealth of the American harvest."

1993 Julia Child, Plan-Keeping

Oyster eaters and abstainers can enjoy buttered pumpernickel with smoked salmon and fresh, chopped raw veggies.

Patrick Clark valued tradition 

Clark's chutney is a sensual stew of dried figs in port with sour apples and spices as applesauce.

The Cider-Pepper Glazed Rack

A well-fed and well-lubricated group naps on the several couches and easy chairs after dinner.

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