Healthy Grocery Items Frugal People Buy at Costco

Fresh produce in bulk: Costco offers a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables at lower prices when bought in larger quantities, allowing frugal shoppers to stock up on nutritious options.

 Lean meats and poultry: Costco sells lean cuts of meat and poultry in bulk, providing cost-effective options for protein-rich meals that are essential for a balanced diet.

Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt is a nutritious dairy product high in protein and probiotics, available at Costco in large containers at a lower cost per ounce compared to smaller sizes.

Quinoa and other whole grains: Costco offers whole grains like quinoa in bulk packaging, providing a budget-friendly option for adding fiber and nutrients to meals.

Nuts and seeds: Costco offers a variety of nuts and seeds in bulk, allowing frugal shoppers to purchase these healthy snacks at lower prices compared to smaller packaging.

Canned beans and legumes: Canned beans and legumes are affordable sources of protein and fiber, available in bulk at Costco for convenient and economical meal preparation.

Frozen fruits and vegetables: Costco offers a wide selection of frozen fruits and vegetables, which are often more affordable than fresh produce and can be stored longer

Organic eggs: Costco sells organic eggs in bulk at competitive prices, allowing frugal shoppers to enjoy the health benefits of organic eggs