Great Places To Retire Where Rent Is Less Than $1,000 a Month

San Antonio, Texas: Offers a warm climate, diverse culture, and affordable housing options for retirees.

Knoxville, Tennessee: Known for its scenic beauty, vibrant arts scene, and low cost of living.

Greensboro, North Carolina: Provides a mix of urban amenities, outdoor recreation, and affordable rental options.

Fort Wayne, Indiana: Offers a low cost of living, access to healthcare, and cultural attractions for retirees.

Tulsa, Oklahoma: Known for its friendly community, affordable housing, and cultural events.

Huntsville, Alabama: Offers a mild climate, outdoor activities, and affordable housing options for retirees.

Wichita, Kansas: Provides a low cost of living, cultural amenities, and recreational opportunities for retirees.

Louisville, Kentucky: Offers a blend of Southern charm, urban amenities, and affordable rental options for retirees.