Food & Wine Editors and Contributors' Top 4 Fall 2023 Cookbooks

Simply West African

I fell for Pierre Thiam's "okra." I met the Senegalese chef at the first Food & Wine Family Reunion and he raved about my favorite veggie.

Made in Taiwan

Wei and her amazing crew exclusively photographed and wrote Made in Taiwan.

Specialty Cocktails

This surprisingly concise Phaidon book by drinks journalist Amanda Schuster explains how the Vesper and Mai Tai became instantly familiar to drinkers worldwide

Snacking Bakes

I want cookies and cakes at parties and on weeknights. Luckily, Yossy Arefi appears to agree, and her new book “Snacking Bakes”.

The Cocktail Encyclopedia

The Encyclopedia of Cocktails, showcases his witty and approachable writing style.

Lula Cafe Cookbook

Just about any Chicago chef will praise Lula Cafe as one of the city's most influential restaurants.

Jacques Pépin My Way cooking

This book is perfect for those who are frightened by French cuisine or think it's too expensive to make at home.

Pasta Every Day

Feinstein's guide to pasta at home includes recipes for homemade and boxed pasta, from multi-colored tagliatelle to quatro formaggi gnocchi.

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