Easy Ways To Look Polished, Fresh & Well-Groomed Without A Drop Of Makeup

Take a shower

Even if you don’t want to wash your hair, just let the water hit your skin, smell the freshness of the soap, and awaken your senses.

Tie hair back into a neat ponytail or bun

As problematic as the current ‘clean girl’ trend is, just combing hair back into a neat ponytail or middle-parted bun makes life a lot easier.

Exfoliate your skin

This will make skin look smoother and shiner. But, don’t do this more than once a fortnight!

Use a cold roller or ice on the face

Cool jade rollers or even a massage with a cold spoon can reduce puffiness and redness. You can also massage your face with ice or splash some cold water on it to refresh your skin.

Moisture your face in layers

Use a hydrating face mist, and apply a hyaluronic acid serum while skin is damp, and then apply your face lotion.

Curl your lashes

You don’t have to apply kajal or mascara. Just using a warm eyelash curler to curl your lashes will give them so much definition and lift.

Use refreshing eyedrops

If your eyes are red or tired from lack of sleep or too much screen exposure, use refreshing eyedrops to reduce the redness and calm your eyes.

Wear earrings

A pair of basic pearl studs, golden hoops, or even silver jhumkas can make any makeup-free look seem so dressy.

Put on some perfume

While perfume doesn’t add anything to the way a person looks, it will make you feel fresh and put-together, giving you confidence and a mood-boost,

Don’t skip lip balm

Chapped lips can feel painful and scratchy when you press your lips together, and also make the entire face look dry.

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