Dunkin is retiring its nondairy milk and these drinks at the end of the year

Stop by your local Dunkin' and order a farewell drink if you order a Coconut Refresher or coconut milk in your coffee.

The Massachusetts chain will discontinue Coconut Refreshers and coconut milk by the end of the year.

Guests can still enjoy all their favorite Dunkin' drinks with nondairy substitutes, including almond milk and oat milk.

The Pink Velvet Macchiato Is Returning Sooner Than You Think Coconut milk won't be available in 2024, but Refreshers fans can get around it.

The representative said consumers can have Mango Pineapple or Strawberry Dragonfruit with green tea instead of coconut milk.

Dunkin' has not provided an explanation for discontinuing coconut milk, although analysts speculate that it may be due to its higher cost .

The company also found that only 1% of Dunkin' consumers had tried coconut milk, compared to 3% for oat milk and 5-7% for almond milk.

The Coconut Refreshers and Coconut Milk Iced Latte arrived in late April 2021 alongside Dunkin's third nondairy choice, coconut milk.

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