Drinks Trends That Dominated 2023


This bittersweet mix of Licor 43, cold brew, and vodka keeps us going into the evening, and we get excited when we see it on a menu.

Better boxed wine

One of the most criticized departments of your local bottle shop and grocery store has had a great year.

Unique ice service

The Lafayette Hotel in San Diego lets you order ice for your hotel beverage, according to F&W contributor Stacey Lastoe.

Savoury cocktails

Even if you don't like Parmesan cheese on your Espresso Martini, savory cocktails are taking over Instagram.

Elegant Jell-O shots

While yesterday's Jell-O shots were designed for heavy drinking, today's reincarnated ones are culinary-focused conversation pieces

Fewer garnishes

Cocktail garnishes like gold leaf are becoming less popular since citrus peels, pineapple fronds, and other inedible ingredients are pricey and waste food.

Alternative agave spirits

Tequila and mezcal are the most well-known spirits, but other spirits are appearing on liquor store shelves and cocktail menus at venues

House wine

Selecting a wine from a list might be difficult for editors who drink and write about drinking. House wine was back on drink lists this year.

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