Did You Know These Everyday Foods Can KILL You?


Grating a little nutmeg over your mac ’n’ cheese, adding it to gnocchi dough or using it in your favourite mulled wine recipe is very unlikely to have any side-effects.

Farmed salmon

There’s a lot of debate around whether farmed salmon is bad for health. On the one hand, all oily fish contain health-boosting omega-3 fats.


It’s rare that enjoying sushi, poke or ceviche will cause any health issues unless you have allergies.


Raw is the default way to serve oysters, freshly shucked, on the half shell and with a generous squeeze of lemon.


Peanut allergies are among the world’s most common, with one in every 200 people having a reaction in some populations.


Chicken is one of the most popular meats and it’s also among the most susceptible to contamination and can cause health problems if handled and prepared incorrectly.


Along with potatoes, eggs are one of our most versatile foods. But they can also pose a health risk.


Cooking seafood properly is no sure-fire way to avoid sickness.


Rice is one of the world’s staple foods, however studies have revealed it contains higher levels of arsenic, a cancer-causing toxin that comes from the soil, than many other crops.

Unpasteurised milk

Drinking raw or unpasteurised milk has become more popular as some view it as a superfood, but drinking it has been compared to “playing Russian roulette”.

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