Costco is selling one of the world's rarest wines cheaply

In addition to $1.50 hot dogs and $5 rotisserie chickens, Costco warehouse shops offer fantastic prices.

The newest Costco reports show that over 129 million members shop in 871 stores globally for appliances, industrial-sized paper goods, fresh and frozen food, and cheap wine and spirits.

Redditor dynamyte43 submitted a photo from the Newark, California Costco with the description, "Had to make sure I was seeing correctly."

The $3,699.99 price tag on the Screaming Eagle Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon was what they meant.

Due to the massive fanbase, Screaming Eagle's website only sells bottles to those on the waiting.

Even after getting to the front of the line, the Oakville, California winery only distributes to specified locations, so buying a bottle at Costco today sounds like a good deal.

 SFGate reports that Costco locations in Newark, Redwood City, Foster City, Santa Clara, Danville, Novato, and San Jose have bottles.

For under $150, each of our 41 Cabernet Sauvignons worth splurging on is affordable.

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