Americans prefer quick meals

The index found that 80% of Americans and 85% of younger generations believed their days had less hours.

One-third of Americans say they have less than 30 minutes to prepare and eat meals, and the typical American has 52 minutes per day.

More than half of customers use snacks in "no-prep dinners," which are quick meals, and more than one-third do so numerous times a week.

Even though the internet calls snack-focused meals #GirlDinner, the index found 92% of males utilize snack foods in meals as much as 92% of women.

The report indicated 83% of millennials and 82% of Gen Zers are most likely to be Snack Savants, with 77% of them living in cities.

The report also indicated that 80% of respondents think creating “the perfect bite” is an art and 65% had unusual snack combinations.

The index found that 55% of Americans value protein more when shopping for snacks at the grocery store.

This trend also involves energy enhancements. According to the index, 60% of customers want their favorite snacks to deliver energy once a week.

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