9 Super-Expensive Foods That Used To Be Dirt Cheap

Lobster: Once considered "poor man's food" and fed to prisoners, lobster is now a delicacy due to increased demand and overfishing, driving up its price.

Saffron: Historically used as a dye, saffron's labor-intensive harvesting process and limited production area make it one of the most expensive spices in the world.

Truffles: Once foraged by peasants, truffles are now highly prized by chefs and gourmands, leading to their astronomical prices due to scarcity and difficulty in cultivation.

Caviar: Originally consumed by peasants in Russia and Europe, caviar has become a luxury item due to overfishing and strict regulations, driving up its cost.

Foie Gras: Once a peasant food in ancient Egypt, foie gras is now a luxury delicacy made from the fattened liver of ducks or geese, resulting in high prices due to production methods.

Kobe Beef: Once a local delicacy in Japan, Kobe beef is now internationally renowned for its exceptional quality and marbling, leading to its high price tag.

Oysters: Once abundant and consumed by the masses, oysters are now considered a luxury food item due to overharvesting, pollution, and increased demand.

Sushi: Originally a cheap and quick snack in Japan, sushi has become a global culinary phenomenon, leading to increased demand and higher prices for premium cuts of fish.