9 Activities to Avoid After 75

Heavy Lifting: Avoid heavy lifting to prevent strain on muscles and joints, which can lead to injuries like fractures or sprains.

High-Impact Exercise: Steer clear of high-impact exercises such as running or intense aerobics to reduce the risk of joint pain and falls.

Extreme Sports: Activities like rock climbing, skydiving, or extreme skiing can be too physically demanding and risky for older adults.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption: Limit alcohol intake to prevent adverse effects on health, such as increased risk of falls, liver damage, and interactions with medications.

Smoking: Quit smoking to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, respiratory issues, and other health complications associated with tobacco use.

Driving at Night: Avoid driving at night when visibility may be reduced, increasing the risk of accidents due to decreased reaction times and impaired vision.

Skipping Medical Checkups: Regularly visit healthcare providers for checkups, screenings, and necessary treatments to detect and manage age-related health conditions.

Ignoring Symptoms: Pay attention to any new or worsening symptoms and seek medical attention promptly to prevent complications and ensure timely treatment.