8 Ways You Could Be Showering Wrong

Very cold showers may be unfriendly. They may wake you up but not relax. A boiling shower isn't the answer either.

Incorrect Shower

Standing in a warm stream might feel pleasant, but too long can damage your skin.

Long Showers

Bath poufs can reduce body wash use and still lather your entire body


Friedler adds most viruses may be killed by normal soap, including antibacterial, nonantibacterial, natural, shampoos, and other sudsy products.

Hard Cleaners

Remember to clean your ears, toes, and belly button. Not doing so might change your skin microbiome

Body Scrubbing

Shampoo, rinse it off, apply conditioner, wash your body, and then rinse off the conditioner and body wash at the same time.


Your schedule and preferences determine the optimum shower time. Consider that morning showers can wake you up.

Morning Shower

Not everyone needs to wash daily, especially in winter when you sweat less and have drier skin.

Showering frequently

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