8 Ways to be Mindful While Eating

Don’t overcommit

I loved arranging my next dinner and dreamed up a multi-course extravaganza.


Eat the rainbow

Increasing the mindfulness of a straightforward dish can be accomplished by simply paying attention to the colors that are incorporated into the recipe.


Learn to love the stir

You can stir onions in a pan, combine spices in a soup, or whip cream into a frothy dessert topping for the pros.


Feel your body

Pay attention to more than simply eating. You can cook a meal since your body is there.


Notice your breathing

Like noticing the body, cooking helps you notice the breath.


Let time stop

Taste the subtleties of the flavors and inhale the fragrances as they waft from the plate.


Bring the sense of hearing into the process by putting on your favorite music and swaying along as you stir.


Set the stage

Whole pumpkin seeds are a good source of fiber. Diets high in fiber are associated with many health benefits.


Find your flow

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