8 Types Of Guys Who Stay Single & Why Nobody Wants Them

Married Guy Who Pretends To Be Single

Yep, that’s the married dude in disguise. Nobody’s into the whole hidden-commitment drama.  

The Man Child

Picture this: a grown man whose idea of a date is playing video games and whose kitchen skills end at pressing the microwave buttons. 

The Serial Player

Mr. Smooth Operator over here thinks love is just a game of numbers. He’s always juggling multiple dates.

The Eternal Perfectionist

Meet the guy who insists on finding the flawless match straight out of a romance novel. 

The Commitment-Phobe

This dude runs faster from commitment than a cat from water. The thought of settling down sends shivers down his spine.

The All-Talk, No-Action Guy

This dude can talk a big game about dreams, goals, and future plans, but when it comes down to it.

The Ghoster

Ah, the disappearing act artist. This guy can vanish faster than a magician’s bunny.  

While a bit of affection is sweet, this guy takes it to the extreme. Constant calls, texts.

The Overly Clingy Guy

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