8 Top Bathroom Trends

Geometric Pattern

The focus won't necessarily be on colorful pattern designs but on the tile arrangements.


Steam Shower

There's increased interest in spa-like amenities in bathrooms, including steam showers and saunas.


Wet Room

Incorporating a bath tub right into your shower space not the tub showers you had growing up  allows you to soak while capturing the steam.


Playful Wallpaper

perfect place to go a bit over the top and showcase your personality by using wallpaper as your hero piece.


Peachy Tone

In bright spaces, peach hues can feel vibrant and energizing, yet it can seamlessly transition into a neutral.


Stacked Subway Tile

the traditional brick lay, put a modern spin by stacking the tiles, either vertically or horizontally.


I love the idea of a bathtub between the two, but a tree or vintage coat rack makes for a more interesting bathroom installation.


Separate Sink

Elevate your kitchen or bath ambiance with the allure of textured tiles, also known as tactile or 3D tiles.


Textured Tile

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