8 Things to Never, Ever Put In Dining Room

Exercise Equipment: The dining room is typically reserved for meals and socializing, not for working out.

Office Desk: The dining room should be a space for dining and entertaining, not for work-related activities.

Laundry Baskets: Avoid cluttering your dining room with laundry baskets or dirty clothes. Keep laundry items in the designated laundry room or bedroom.

Pet Supplies: Keep pet food bowls, litter boxes, and pet toys out of the dining room to maintain cleanliness and hygiene during meals.

Children's Toys: While it's fine to have toys in common areas, keep them out of the dining room to maintain a more formal and tidy space for dining.

Tools and DIY Supplies: Avoid storing tools, paint cans, or DIY supplies in the dining room, as they can create a cluttered and uninviting atmosphere.

Unused Furniture: Don't overcrowd your dining room with unnecessary furniture pieces like extra chairs, cabinets, or side tables. Opt for functional pieces that enhance the dining experience.

Electronic Gadgets: Keep TVs, gaming consoles, or other electronic gadgets out of the dining room to encourage face-to-face interaction and conversation during meals.