8 Things to Avoid as a Vegan

Animal Foods

Vegans avoid eating animal flesh and animal by-products. These include meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs and foods made by bees.


Additives Derived

Vegans should check food labels to make sure products don’t contain the ingredients listed above.


Animal Ingredients

Animal-based ingredients can be found in foods you wouldn’t expect to see them in. Make sure to check your labels to avoid any surprises.


Bread products

Some bakery products, such as bagels and breads, contain L-cysteine. This amino acid is used as a softening agent and often comes from poultry feathers.


Caesar dressing

Certain varieties of Caesar dressing use anchovy paste as one of their ingredients.


Roasted peanuts

Gelatin is sometimes used when manufacturing roasted peanuts in order to help salt and spices stick to the peanuts better.


Some fresh fruits and veggies are coated with wax. The wax can be petroleum- or palm-based.


Some produce

Some potato chips are flavored with powdered cheese or contain other dairy ingredients such as casein, whey or animal-derived enzymes.


Potato chips

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