8 Surprising Causes of Dry Skin

Check the ingredients for “fragrance,” and “fragrance-free” is your buddy. Perfume-laden body lotions and creams may hurt.


As they remove oil, many soaps, detergents, and shampoos dry up your skin and scalp


A study found that mutations in genes that produce filaggrin, a protein that forms and hydrates the skin barrier, can cause many skin diseases.

Genetics Affect

"Heavy metals turn skin oils into a thick substance that plugs glands, aggravates acne and rosacea

Water Prevents

One study found that retinol loosens skin cell connections, causing dryness.

Retinol and Acne

Inside air may be equally harsh as outdoor air on your skin. Frieling says forced air, especially heat, can lower humidity and dry and irritate skin

dry air

This may be a major concern for health care workers who must often wash their hands.


Standing in hot water for a long time might be seductive, especially in winter. The procedure may cause skin problems.

Dehydrate Skin

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