8 Signs the Man You’re Dating is a Psychopath

Charming Exterior, Hidden Agenda

You may find yourself swept off your feet by his charisma, but be wary if he seems too good to be true.  

Lack of Empathy

One clear sign of a psychopathic tendency is a lack of empathy. If your partner consistently shows little regard for your feelings or those of others.

Deceptive Behavior

Psychopaths are skilled at weaving webs of deception. If you catch your partner in a web of lies or notice inconsistencies in their stories.

Impulsivity and Risky Behavior

Living on the edge might seem exciting, but constant impulsivity and risky behavior can be signs of deeper issues. 

Lack of Remorse or Guilt

A key trait of psychopathy is a noticeable absence of remorse or guilt, even after hurting someone. 

Controlling Behavior

Psychopaths often crave control, seeking dominance in the relationship. If your partner is excessively controlling 

Rapid Mood Swing

While everyone has ups and downs, extreme and unpredictable mood swings can be indicative of psychopathy. 

Psychopaths may isolate their partners from friends and family to gain control. 

Isolation Tactic

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