8 Signs He Wants To Marry You But Is Scared

He Talks About a Future Together

When a guy is serious about you, he’ll naturally start weaving the idea of a shared future into your conversations. 

He Prioritizes Your Happiness 

A man who envisions a future with you will go the extra mile to ensure your happiness.  

He Acts Protective and Supportive

Men who are scared of commitment often shy away from responsibilities. Conversely.

He Expresses His Fears and Concerns

A guy genuinely interested in marriage might be scared due to various reasons.

He Invests in Your Dreams

A man ready for marriage isn’t just focused on his aspirations; he’s equally invested in yours. 

He Makes Financial Plans Together

Money can be a sensitive topic, but a man serious about marriage will be willing to discuss and plan financial matters together. 

He Takes an Interest in Your Family

A guy considering marriage is not only interested in you but also in your family.  

If he actively engages with and cares about your family members, attending gatherings and showing genuine interest.

He Takes an Interest in Your Family

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