8 Signs He Only Wants to Be Friends with Benefits

Interested in the Physical Stuff

If he’s mostly focused on the physical part of your connection and doesn’t seem curious about your thoughts or daily life.

Separate from Social Live

If your time together feels like it’s in its own world, separate from his friends or yours, take note.  

Loving Surprises, Not Plan

While surprises are fun, a consistent lack of plans or scheduled time together might mean he wants to keep things easygoing. 

Cuddles After Fun Time

Physical closeness often goes hand-in-hand with emotional connection. 

Pro at Going MIA

If he’s really good at disappearing between your hangouts and only shows up when he wants to meet again.

Avoiding Future Talk

If talking about tomorrow or next month gets awkward, pay attention. If he’s actively avoiding talking about the future or commitments.

Missing Regular Couple Activities

Imagine this: lots of late-night fun but not much hanging out during the day. If he’s skipping the usual relationship activities.

If he avoids deep conversations and shies away from sharing feelings, it’s a clear sign of a lack of emotional connection.

Emotional Connection

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