8 Signs He Never Loved You At All

He Keeps Secret

He always seems to be hiding something, dodging questions about his day or avoiding sharing his true feelings.  

He Doesn’t Prioritize Your Happiness

You notice that he rarely goes out of his way to make you smile or ensure your well-being.  

Support Your Goal

Love involves cheering each other on and helping one another grow. If he shows little interest in your aspirations or doesn’t actively.

He Avoids Commitment Talks

Whenever the conversation steers towards future plans or long-term commitment, he becomes evasive.  

Make Time for You

When someone loves you, they prioritize spending time together. If he consistently puts other things ahead of your time together.

Doesn’t Remember Important Details

True love involves paying attention to the little things. If he consistently forgets important dates, details about your life.

Change Hurtful Behavior

When love is genuine, apologies come naturally, and actions change to avoid hurting the person you love. 

He may physically be present, but emotionally, he seems miles away. Genuine love involves being emotionally connected. 

Emotionally Distant

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