8 Reasons Why Men Stay In Relationships With Women 

They get comfortable

Sometimes, guys stick around because they get comfy in the routine. It’s like a cozy old sweater.

Their spouse is incredibly attractive

Let’s be real – physical attraction can be a powerful glue. Even if the heart isn’t doing somersaults.

He’s worried she’ll find someone better

Fear can be a stubborn thing. Even if a guy isn’t head over heels, he might worry that letting go means his ex will upgrade to someone shinier.  

Pressure from family

Family can be like a Greek chorus in the background of a guy’s life, chanting, Stay together.

Fear of loneliness

The idea of being alone can be intimidating. Even if the love is on life support.

fear the dating scene

Jumping back into the dating pool can be like navigating a maze blindfolded. 

Invested in the relationship’s image

Ever seen a couple that seems picture-perfect on social media? Some guys stay in a relationship not for the love.

Ending a relationship can be really tough emotionally. Some guys might stick with a not-so-great relationship.

They avoid the emotional fallout

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