8 Reasons He’s Playing The Victim After Hurting You

Shifting Blame

Some people play the victim to avoid taking responsibility for their mistakes. Instead of dealing with the consequences of what they did.

Avoiding Confrontation

Thinking like a victim can be a way to avoid difficult confrontations. By portraying themselves as the one who’s been wronged.

Preserving Self-Image

Protecting one’s self-image is a powerful motivator for adopting a victim mentality. 

Maintaining Control

Some people use the victim card to take control of a situation. By portraying themselves as the one who’s been treated unfairly.

Seeking Sympathy

Individuals playing the victim may be fishing for sympathy. Casting themselves as the wounded party can elicit empathy from others.

Creating Distraction

Using a victim narrative can act as a convenient distraction from addressing the real issues at hand. 

Feeding Insecurities

Some people play the victim as a way of feeding their own insecurities. By positioning themselves.

People who act like victims might develop a martyr complex, enjoying the idea of being a heroic sufferer. 

Martyr Complex

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