8 Major Signs A Man Is Unhappy In His Marriage

He’s Distant

You’ve noticed a shift – he’s not actively participating in the quality time you used to share. 

He’s Not Intimate

The spark in your physical relationship has dimmed. If the once vibrant intimacy between you two has faded.

Emotionally Unavailable

When you confide in him, his engagement has noticeably dwindled. The person who used to be your sounding board seems indifferent. 

He’s Retreating

His retreat into solitude is becoming more apparent. Whether it’s burying himself in work or seeking solace in solitary activities.

Indifferent to Future Plan

The absence of discussions about the future is conspicuous. If he’s not including you in plans or talking about shared dreams.

Silent in Conversation

Conversations have lost their depth, and meaningful communication is lacking.  

Building Emotional Wall

He’s constructing emotional barriers, making it difficult for you to connect on a deeper level. 

Every little thing seems to irritate him. If his patience has worn thin, and he’s more easily annoyed than usual.

He’s Irritable

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