8 Inconsiderate Things Men Do In Relationships 

Forget Important Date

It happens when “they” don’t keep track of those special moments.  

Neglect Check-Ins with Friend

Picture this: she’s at home wondering how the night is going, and “they” are out with friends.

Overlook Household Chore

Ignoring household chores is like playing hide-and-seek with responsibilities. “They” might think it’s invisible.

Forget Special Occasion

Birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions – when “they” forget, it’s like letting the air out of a celebration balloon. 

Overlook Expressing Appreciation

In the rush of daily life, “they” might forget to say a simple “thank you.” Acknowledging the little things.

Prioritize Friends Over the Relationship

While maintaining friendships is important, consistently choosing friends over the relationship can lead to feelings of neglect. 

Avoid Relationship Talk

Avoiding serious conversations about the relationship’s future or unresolved issues is like sweeping dust under the rug.

Ever felt like you’re talking to a wall? It happens when “they” nod along but aren’t really listening. 

Tune Out During Conversation

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