8 impact of Pregnancy on Women’s Body Image

Weight Gain 

Body changes, including weight gain, can affect self-esteem and body image perception during and after pregnancy. 

Stretch Marks 

Visible marks may impact body confidence, influencing how women perceive their bodies post-pregnancy. 

Breast Changes 

Size and shape alterations may lead to mixed feelings about body image, affecting self-perception. 

Hair and Skin Changes 

Hormonal shifts can impact hair and skin, contributing to body image concerns. 

Abdominal Changes 

Changes in the abdomen, such as muscle separation, can influence how women view their bodies. 


Temporary swelling may affect body image during pregnancy, impacting comfort and confidence. 

Perceived Loss of Control 

The bodily changes during pregnancy may make some women feel a loss of control over their appearance. 

Societal pressures and unrealistic standards can contribute to body image issues during and after pregnancy. 

Comparison to Societal Standards 

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