8 Hearty Apps to Replace Dinner

Bacon Guac Bombs

Bacon + guacamole is always perfect. We can't get enough of these snack bombs' bite-sized versions. 

Sausage Rolls

These tasty treats with juicy pork filling and fluffy golden brown pastry will become your new party favorite.

Buffalo Chicken Balls

Game day Buffalo wings are great, but occasionally we want something more inventive. Here come buffalo chicken meatballs.

Mac & Cheese Pizza Bite

Pizza lovers will appreciate these mac & cheese nibbles with creamy mac, pepperoni, and Parm. 

Brie Maple Cranberry Bake

For an irresistible appetizer, homemade maple and cranberry jam is packed with buttery puff pastry-wrapped brie and sprinkled with maple syrup.

Crab Cake Egg Rolls

These platter-friendly two-bite beauties blend the deliciousness of a crab cake and the crisp-chewy texture of your favorite takeout side.

Ham and Cheese

They include melty cheese, savory-sweet ham, fresh parsley, and toasted poppy seeds for texture and taste your guests will enjoy.

Smoked Trout Spread

This simple appetizer is a Christmas party hit. Creamy, smokey, and vibrant, it's great over toasted bread, crackers, or endive leaves.

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