8 Harsh Truths Hard To Find A Good Man

High Expectations, Low Patience

When looking for the perfect man, some people set very high standards. While having expectations is important.

Illusion of Perfection

Society often shows us perfect relationships, but real life is a blend of strengths and weaknesses.  

Fear of Vulnerability

In the search for love, some people protect themselves by avoiding vulnerability.  

Overlooking Friendship

When looking for someone special, don’t forget about the potential for a great friendship. 

Everyone’s Ready for Commitment

Finding the right man involves more than shared interests; it’s about being on the same page regarding commitment.

External Validation

Seeking a good man to validate self-worth can be a slippery slope. It’s crucial to find fulfillment within yourself first.  

Lack of Self-Reflection

Finding a good man isn’t just about evaluating others; it’s also about understanding yourself.  

While physical attraction is important, placing excessive emphasis on looks can overshadow other vital qualities.  

Focusing Solely on Physical Attributes

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