8 Fun Things To Know About Smiling

Smiling is the first expression learned by infants

. Infants begin to smile in the very first weeks of life (and even while still in the womb!) and many parents will notice their baby smiling in their sleep.

Children smile more than adults!

Children are known to smile as many as 400 times a day, while adults only average about 20 times a day.

Smiling helps you live longer

People who are happier tend to enjoy a longer and healthier lifespan, and one way of showing how happy they are is smiling.

Smiling keeps you healthy

Along with laughing and a positive outlook on life, smiling can amp up a person’s immune system, leading to healthier outcomes.

You can catch a smile!

Smiling is not only pleasant for those around, but it’s actually contagious. Our brains are hardwired to recognize smiles on others’ faces and even mimic them.

Smiling reduces stress

Being stressed can sometimes feel like the default setting in modern society, but it can lead to many unfortunate health and lifestyle problems.

Smiling is universally understood

Travelling in an unfamiliar land can be a culture shock—new customs, different food, and of course a language barrier. But there is one facial expression that traverses those barriers and is recognized by every human around the world.

Smiling boosts your mood

Sometimes it’s hard not to feel grumpy, upset, or just plain mad. It’s not always easy to change a rotten mood, but research shows that the simple act of smiling—even when you don’t feel happy—can lead to feeling better.

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