8 Favorite Foods to Enjoy in Moderation

Sugary drinks

Sugary drinks are often identified as especially problematic since they’re high in, well, sugar and calories but low in nutrients.


frozen pizzas

Many people argue that since many manufactured pizzas include a variety of additives like preservatives and colors, homemade pizzas are often healthier choices.


White bread

Commercial white breads are made from refined wheat, which has been stripped of its fiber and some other important nutrients.


Most fruit juices

This means that juice calories are not necessarily offset by eating less food, and they can add up rather quickly



Breakfast cereals are processed cereal grains, such as wheat, oats, rice, and corn. Most cereal products on the market are low in fiber and heavily sweetened.


burnt meat

According to one analysis, consuming fried foods frequently (i.e., four or more times per week) is connected to type 2 diabetes.


Sapped of nutrients, these ultra-processed picks are laden with sugar, low in fiber, and contain preservatives.


cookies, cakes, & candy

Potatoes are nutrient-rich, but when they’re processed into fries or chips, the nutrient content can plummet.


French fries & potato 

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