8 Breakfast Foods to Skip

highly refined cereals

Despite their sweet, crunchy profile and common presence on the breakfast table, most sugary cereals won’t sustain you for long.


Pancakes or waffles

We hate to break it to you, but pancakes and waffles are not a nutritious way to fuel your mornings.


Buttered toast

Buttered toast is a simple and easy breakfast. All you need is a slice of bread and some butter, and you’re in for a crunchy, salty morning meal.



Muffins are widely considered to be a somewhat healthy choice for breakfast, especially if they contain healthy ingredients like bran, oats, apples, or blueberries.


Fruit juice

Even though you might think that quenching your thirst with fruit juice is healthier than drinking sugary sodas or sweetened teas, it’s not the best drink choice.


Breakfast pastries

Donuts, cinnamon rolls, danishes, and toaster pastries are just a few examples of the many breakfast pastries that are commonly reached for on busy mornings.


Among yogurt’s many benefits, it’s a good source of protein and probiotics. Probiotics are live bacteria that may improve your digestive health.


nonfat yogurts

There are many varieties of breakfast bars on the market, from granola to cereal to oat bars.


Breakfast bars

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