7 Strategies to Slow Down and Be a Better Human

The science of hurry

I've questioned why we're always rushing to reach somewhere else. We always tap our foot and check the clock in the grocery store aisle.


Another way of life

Once I started to allow myself to slow down, I felt like I actually arrived in my own body for the first time.


kindness muscle

Ever the optimist, I believe that all it takes to hone our empathy instinct is a little practice. While I’m stateside these days.


compassion meditation

Pay attention to more than simply eating. You can cook a meal since your body is there.


Find ways to be bored

Boredom has actually been shown to spark creativity. It encourages us to find solutions to our discomfort


random acts of kindness

Taste the subtleties of the flavors and inhale the fragrances as they waft from the plate.


It may seem counter to efficiency, productivity, and just about everything society values, but taking more time to do something just for the sake of enjoying it.


Take longer just because

Whole pumpkin seeds are a good source of fiber. Diets high in fiber are associated with many health benefits.


Let someone else go first

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