7 Signs That Show A Man Is Using You

Lack of Genuine Interest

If you notice a lack of genuine interest from a man, like he’s not actively listening to you or seems distracted when you talk.

Avoidance of Commitment

If he shies away from making any commitments or avoids discussing the future of your relationship.

Exploitative Behavior

Watch out for signs of exploitation, such as him consistently asking for favors but being unavailable when you need support. 

Effort in Spending Time Together

When a man is genuinely interested, he’ll make an effort to spend quality time with you.  

Resistance to Introducing You to Important People

If he hesitates or avoids introducing you to his friends, family, or important people in his life.

Lack of Reciprocity in Affection

In a healthy relationship, affection and care should be mutual. If you find yourself consistently giving affection without receiving it in return.

Inconsistent Communication

When a man is using you, his communication might be sporadic. He may only reach out when he needs something or disappears for long periods.

You’re left wondering where he is most of the time, it might be time to reassess the situation.

Inconsistent Communication

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