7 Reasons Your Relationship Isn’t Working

Communication Breakdown

In the hustle of daily life, we might forget to talk, really talk, with our partner. The surface-level chit-chat takes over.

Lost Sense of Individuality

In the dance of togetherness, sometimes we lose sight of our individual selves.  

Emotional Baggage

Carrying unresolved emotional baggage from the past can cast a shadow on the present.  

Neglecting Intimacy

Physical intimacy is a crucial part of a romantic relationship, and neglecting it can create emotional distance.  

Unrealistic Expectation

Romantic ideals from movies or fairy tales can set unrealistic expectations for relationships.  

Unmet Emotional Need

Each person has unique emotional needs, and when these needs go unmet, it can lead to dissatisfaction in a relationship.  

External Interference

Unsolicited advice or interference can create tension and make it challenging for the couple to navigate their own path.  

External Interference

Sometimes, external factors like meddling friends or family members can inadvertently impact a relationship. 

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