7 Men Jump from One Woman to Another 

Fear of Commitment 

Men may fear long-term relationships. Its obligations scare them.  

Search for Excitement 

Some men grow bored easily and seek a new relationship to spice things up.  

Emotional Immaturity

Not all men can handle their emotions. They may act impulsively and struggle with commitment.

Inability to Handle Conflict

Some guys struggle with relationship issues. Instead of repairing things, they break up and start over.

Low Self-Esteem

Low-confidence men may want partner approval. Going from relationship to relationship can boost their self-esteem.

Unrealistic Expectation

Some men have unrealistic relationship expectations. They may switch partners in search of a perfect connection that may not exist.

Addiction to the Honeymoon Phase

New relationships are exhilarating. Some guys become hooked to this sensation and seek new partnerships to feel it again.

Addiction to the Honeymoon Phase 

The hero instinct is cool in relationships. You don't choose thirst; you feel it.

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