7 Fascinating Reasons Single Men Pursue Married Women

Thrill of the Forbidden

The allure of forbidden fruit can be irresistibly exciting for some single men. Pursuing married women may be driven by the thrill.

No-Strings-Attached Relationship

Some single men are attracted to married women because they want relationships without the complexities of commitment.

Avoidance of Expectation

Guys who aren’t married but are interested in married women might want relationships without the usual societal rules.  

Temporary Escape from Loneliness

Some unmarried guys might go after married women as a short-term way to escape loneliness.  

Emotional Unavailability

Some single men, whether on purpose or not, are drawn to married women because they, too, struggle with being emotionally available. 

Escaping Personal Commitment

Sometimes, single guys chasing after married women might just want to avoid commitment and responsibilities. 

Desire for Control

Some single guys like chasing after married women because it makes them feel in charge. 

The excitement of the challenge and keeping things secret can be interesting, giving them a special feeling of control. 

Desire for Control 

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